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Yes, we have a homepage now. (Click on the little house icon in the left sidebar to get there) We’ve been looking forward to bringing …

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Affiliate Program!

Hey Partner, would you like some money? That’s what we thought, which is why we’re happy to announce that ScribeCount is launching an affiliate program! …

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D2D Update: Platform Slicing & Dicing!

Guest Post by Mark Leslie Lefebvre Ever since they first appeared on the scene, I’ve been enjoying the ease of being able to quickly and …

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Barnes & Noble Update

Thank you for your patience as we worked on the issues with data accuracy for Barnes & Noble. We are pleased to say that our …

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A Word about Billing

Today is April 1st, but I’m being totally serious. No, really. ScribeCount began billing for its service today – and, as expected, we had a …

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March Update III: Return of the Update

A lot is happening behind the scenes at ScribeCount, and we have several things scheduled for the first of April. We’re telling you now so …

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March Update II

We have some…news. Mostly good news, luckily, about Kobo. (And some about D2D!) Kobo We are pleased to inform you that the we have successfully …

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March Update!

Hello ScribeCounters! We have an update for you on ScribeCount…stuff. Much is happening, some of it is even on purpose! As you know, we extended …

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The Mystery of the Phantom Freebies

Phantom…Phreebies? We know you’re authors and have about -378 spare minutes per day, so the very short version of this post is as follows: our …

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