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Calendar/Scheduler, & a Super-Secret reveal.


First on the list is the new feature, we’ve added a Calendar/Scheduler to the ScribeCount system. You’ll find it in the left sidebar and it looks like this:

This is something that many of you were asking for and I’m happy we are able to get it out so soon after the Ad Tracking feature went live. It has a ton of features and needs a few screenshots to explain them. Before I get into that I want to mention that this is the basic version. We’ll be adding more items to this over the next few months as well as upgrading it to work with the charts, ad tracking, and other features.

So, when you click on the little icon it will take you here, where you will see this header:

I urge you to play around with all of the buttons and especially the settings icon on the right. This calendar is actually four calendars, each of which covers a different category of “stuff”. Right now we have “General”, “Events”, “Birthdays”, and “Holidays”.

Now I know those items don’t all pertain to what writers do, so we’ll be asking for your input on what you would like them to be. Some ideas we’ve tossed around are “Ads”, “Conferences”, “Publishing Schedule”, “Renaissance Fairs”, “Comicons”, whatever. Let us know and we’ll change it up. If you want more than four options we can add that at a later date.

Above the Settings icon, you’ll see Print, Import, and Export.

Print needs some tweaking yet. The preview is not the clearest but we’ll be fixing that so you get a better example of what it is you are printing.

Import allows you to move files from your own computer into the feature.

Export gives you the option of an iCalendar or Excel version.

If you click on the Settings icon you’ll get this:

This is where you customize the Calendar to your personal preference. Two things: First, the Day Start Hour and Day End Hour times have to be a minute off as shown. You cant start and end at the same minute. The second is the Resources dropdown. That’s where you choose which of the four calendar options you wish to see. The rest are pretty self-explanatory.

Below the header, you’ll find the calendar itself. I’ll use the Monthly version here.

Looks like this:

At the top you’ll see the current month as well as the arrows to move back and forth through time. The current day is highlighted with the blue circle and each day is then listed with whatever event/holiday/thing you have entered.

To enter something into a day simply DOUBLE-CLICK the date-block. If you single-click you will get a smaller box with fewer options and have to click on the “More Details” button to enlarge the selection.

Looks like this:

Simply complete the data blocks and hit “Save” and that info will then be loaded to the calendar.

It will appear as a colored line with the title inside. Once its on the calendar itself you can expand the time by stretching that box forward or back as you wish. Just click on the left or right edge and drag it to where you want it. Clicking on it will give you a data block telling you more about it.

If the item you saved to the calendar was attached to a certain book you’ll be able to see that on that Books detail page. It shows as “Event Tracker” in the menu bar.

I can hear the questions already. “Randall, can I pick what color that block is?” “Will the event I add appear on my charts?”, “This is great, can I send you a case of Scotch?”

No. Not yet. Absolutely.

Both Color-coding and chart integration are in the works though, we just have some foundation items we need to put in place first. We felt it best to get this basic version out, debug it thoroughly, and then add the color-coding and chart integrations. Much easier this way. Sorry.

One last thing. You’ll see this in the upper left corner.

The Recurring Event widget is a huge time saver. I’m using it to not only prompt me to do stuff but to let me know when something is supposed to be happening. We’ll be adding auto-input options later that pull from other ScribeCount features. An example would be a pre-order ending or a book coming out of KU. Those items should appear in your calendar without you having to input them.

What else? Am I missing something? I feel like I’m missing something….

Oh! The Super-Secret thing.

We’re adding BookFunnel to ScribeCount.

ScribeCount & BookFunnel – we’re just better together!

What do you get when two author-focused companies join forces? One heck of a cool user experience, that’s what.

For the ScribeCount users who haven’t tried out BookFunnel, you are in for a TREAT. You can work with other authors to do promotions, deliver reader magnets and beta copies, and even use BookFunnel as the distribution arm of your direct sales!

Stay tuned for more details coming sooooooon!

And with that, I leave you with your new toy. Enjoy.

– Randall

PS: I know today is a holiday, but we’ll be here hanging out and answering questions if you need us.

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