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Woocommerce Feature Integrated!

Woo joins BookFunnel and Shopify in the “Selling Direct” package we are currently building here at ScribeCount. Future additions will include BookVault and Lulu Print.

Shopify and BookFunnel. How to set them up in your dashboard.

ScribeCount reports the data from both sources, as much of it is duplicate information. I’ve mention in several SM posts that ScribeCount has verification software in place to identify what data has been shown at each platform, however, it is up to each individual user to filter that data as they wish, otherwise the two platforms will show you the same data.

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Amazon Ad Tracking is here!

Something happened! We’ve added Amazon Ad tracking to the ScribeCount menu today. You’ll find it under a new Tab in

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March Update!

Hello ScribeCounters! We have an update for you on ScribeCount…stuff. Much is happening, some of it is even on purpose!


Launch FAQs

We are live and so happy you’re here! Yesterday’s launch included reviews such as “AMAZEBALLS!” and “LOOK HOW SHINY!” which

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