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March Update!

Hello ScribeCounters! We have an update for you on ScribeCount…stuff. Much is happening, some of it is even on purpose!


ScribeCount Update: February

Hello ScribeCounters, I have news! We’re coming to the end of our 30-day trial period and, due to some issues


Update: Free Trial Extended!

Happy Friday, ScribeCounters! First, a standing ovation to the people sending feature requests and putting in support tickets. There is

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Updates, Fixes, and Features!

Hello ScribeCount users! ScribeCounters? SC Mafia? ScribeCounterati? First: Randall, Suresh, and I want to thank you all for the warm


Launch FAQs

We are live and so happy you’re here! Yesterday’s launch included reviews such as “AMAZEBALLS!” and “LOOK HOW SHINY!” which


Introducing ScribeCount

Introducing ScribeCount – all of your sales in one place! I’m Philippa, one of the founders of ScribeCount, and, like


Introduction: Randall

Let’s get to know the team! First up: Randall Wood, author of the Jack Randall military thriller series. Originally from


Introduction: Philippa

Next up in our “getting to know the team” series is Philippa. Philippa writes Science Fiction and Fantasy under pen

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