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Creating and Sequencing a Series

To create a series you will first need to click on “Manage Series.”

Then Select “Add New Series”

A pop-up tool will appear. First, give your series a title and then select the books you wish to have in this series. You can select them in any order, we’ll fix that once we are done here. If you have a large library utilize the SEARCH function to speed this process up. *If you have not merged your books you will need to do so first. Instructions for doing so can be found here.

Once you have selected all the books you wish to have in this series click the SAVE button at the bottom of the pop-up.

Your new series should now be listed on your “Manage Series” page. The next step is to place them in the proper reading order, which we refer to as “sequencing”. To do so look to the right side of the page and select “Edit Sequence”

Another pop-up will appear to perform this task. Simply number your series in its reading order using the boxes on the left (no zeros!) and then click “Update” in the bottom right corner.

You will notice the “Color” option to the far right. This is here for a future feature that will allow you to choose a primary color for the first book in your series. Once chosen that book will appear that color and all the remaining books will appear as increasingly lighter shades of that color. While the feature is not yet functional, you can still chose the color you wish to see when it is added.

Clicking the Color dropdown will produce this popup. Simply select a primary color from the top row and then click “Apply”.

This concludes the making and sequencing of a series. Your new series will now appear as a selection in the dropdown filters of the Analytics page.

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