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Ad Tracking


What would be sales data without the Ad Tracking to go along with it?

At ScribeCount we pull data from both FaceBook and Amazon and consolidate it into your own Dashboard where you can monitor every campaign without having to open multiple tabs. We’re working on addition ad platforms, including email services, all the time.

If the data is at the platform, we have it on your ScribeCount dashboard. Clicks, Spend, Impressions, or Reach, it’s all there and you can declutter the chart just by clicking on the buttons below it to remove or ad what you wish to see, or visit the individual charts chart selections we offer below such as Royalties vs Ad Spend,

or Ad Spend all by itself.

Our Summary donut charts break things down even further.

Here you can see Spend, Clicks, and Impressions by Platform,



and Device.

Our Settings page allows you to filter your campaigns to see only those that you want. You can also save campaigns that no longer run,

or ghost them so they don’t appear in your charts.

Ad Tracking is one of our most popular features and we’ll be focusing on growing the number of Ad Platforms we service in the future. Making this data work in conjunction with other ScribeCount services such as the ROI, Sell-Through, Read-Through, and Earn Out calculators is one of our top priorities.

Want to learn more about what we offer? Explore the other tutorials here and on our YouTube channel to see our other features. Scheduling, Payment Monitoring, Reviews and Ranks, there’s a lot to cover.


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