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Will ScribeCount work for me if I use an aggregator like D2D or Smashwords? What if I use both? What if I publish directly with some books and go all-in with D2D with others? What if it’s a giant variation of all that? Will that screw up my ScribeCount chart?

Not to worry, we have you covered.

Let’s take a look at the many ways you can see that data at ScribeCount.

Here you see a sample of the Sunburst graphic. As you can see it has a piece for Smashwords, so let’s use that to help us show you how this works.

If we click on it, it will show us all the sales made through that distributor. Now we see the country’s we’ve sold in, the titles and the formats. But what if you want to see the stores you’ve moved those titles through?

You can do that.

The chart you see here is the default setting for distributors like Smashwords or D2D. You can change it to show the breakdown by sales platform. This way you know what retailer sold what.

It’s a four-step process.

First, go to the main “Settings” view in the left navigation bar (it’s the icon that looks like a cog wheel)

Second, click on the “General” tab

Third, change “Aggregator Reporting” from the default “Individual Platform” to “Merge with Other Platform”

Forth, click SAVE.

Now, when you travel back to your Sunburst graphic, you’ll see a breakdown of those downstream retailers that Smashwords publishes to. In this sample you now see a large portion of the Smashwords sales were made through Apple. Apple is now listed as the sales platform and Smashwords is listed as the aggregator.

If you sell books through the Smashwords store itself those sales will appear in their own chart section as if the Smashwords store were like any other sales platform. This setting change will adjust all of the other ScribeCount charts as well.

As ScribeCount adds more platforms and features the distributor feature we demonstrated here will grow to include them.

Want to learn more about what we offer? Explore the other videos here and on our YouTube channel to see our other features. Ad Tracking, Scheduling, Payment Monitoring, Reviews and Ranks, there’s a lot to cover.

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