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Signing up with ScribeCount


Let’s walk through the process.
The first thing you will see after clicking the Trial button is this graphic:

Since you are signing up for the first time select the “Join Us” button on the left.
Which will take you here:

As you can see there are three options. You can use the standard Email/Password combination or opt for secure entry via your existing Amazon or Google account.

We’ll use the Email/Password option for this walk-through.
Once you have signed in, the next screen you’ll see is this:

Input a valid Email address and then click the Send Verification Code button.
In your email you will find a message containing your code.
Your screen will now look like this:

Input the code from your email into the Verification Code line provided and then click Verify Code.
(If the email did not come through you can click Send New Code for another.)
Once your email address has been verified it’s time for a Password.

Input the Password of your choosing in both the New Password box and the Confirm New Password box.
Your Display Name can be anything you wish. Only you will see it so anonymity is not a concern here.
Choose your Country of Origin. This is the location you dwell in. Some features within ScribeCount are date sensitive and this will make sure your day matches the date settings provided.

Once you have entered the required information, verified your email with the verification code, and chosen your country of origin, click “Create”.

This will take you to the Browser Extension page.
Wait? What’s a Browser Extension?

A browser extension is a small software application that adds a capacity or functionality to a web browser. A browser extension, also called a plug-in, can take advantage of the same application program interfaces (APIs) that JavaScript can on a web page, but the extension can do more because it also has access to its own set of APIs.

Extensions are typically used to add features and enhance the functionality of a website.

The ScribeCount Browser Extension allows ScribeCount to do everything it needs to do to provide you with the service, all without needing your passwords or login data. More on that later when we’re connecting your sales platforms to your ScribeCount Dashboard.

As you can see here, you have a choice of options. From left to right they are Chrome, FireFox, Edge*, and Safari*
*Microsoft no longer supports Edge and has defaulted to Chrome. Choosing Edge will now take you to the Chrome store.
**Safari is not yet an option but will be shortly. If you are using a MAC we highly recommend Chrome.

Click on the Extension Logo to choose your extension.

A word before you click on your browser choice. Doing so will take you away from this page in order to install the extension. Once it has been installed you will need to return to this page to compete the sign-up process.
Installing the Chrome Extension:

1. Open the Chrome browser via the link on the Browser Extension page  or launch it in a separate tab using this URL:

2. Click on “Add to Chrome”

3. Click on “Add Extension” to confirm.

4. You can view the added extension in the top right corner of the browser with the “puzzle piece” icon.

5. The “SC” icon should now appear in your toolbar.

6. Return to the ScribeCount Browser Extension page.

Installing the FireFox Extension:
1. Open the FireFox browser via the link on the Browser Extension page or launch it in a separate tab using this URL:

2. Click on “Add to Firefox”.

3. Click on “Add” to confirm.

4. A confirmation message is then displayed in the top right corner of your screen. Click “Add”.

5. Click “Okay”. The “SC” icon should now appear in your toolbar.

6. Return to the ScribeCount Browser Extension page.

Installing the Edge Extension:
⦁ Open the Edge browser via the link on the Browser Extension page . As mentioned earlier, Microsoft no longer supports Edge, it has defaulted to Chrome. Follow the instructions for installing the Chrome Extension above.


Once you have successfully installed the extension you will see the little SC icon appear in your toolbar.
Once you have that Icon in place return to the Extension Page and push the NEXT button at the bottom.
This will take you to your Dashboard Homepage.

First thing you should do is select your Avatar. To do so simply click the edit button under the picture block in the upper right corner.

The second thing you should do is sign up for an Affiliate Account. The button for this is in the top center of the page.
Third, take note of the social media links in the lower left corner. Of particular importance is the YouTube link, which will take you to the ScribeCount YouTube channel and its library of videos showing our features along with industry experts demonstrating how to get the most out of them.

Forth, upload a pic of your furry friend with a copy of your book to the Furry Words carousel. The button is the little cloud icon in the upper left of the feature.

(All pics must include a pet and a book, no pets turned away, please keep the book cover PG-13. Don’t forget the link to that books sales page!)

Once you have finished those tasks, its time to load some data into the system.
In the blue sidebar you’ll see a little gear icon.

That is the “Settings” page. Give it a click.

There are several tabs at the top of the page and we’ll cover the basic set up process using them.

First is the Platforms page.
Connecting your platforms is a simple left-to-right process.

⦁ Enable the platforms you wish to see included in your reports via the slide buttons.

⦁ Connect to each of them using the “Go to Login” buttons to the right of each. (ScribeCount cannot see your passwords or login credentials, nor do we need them to perform the needed actions, your information stays entirely in your hands)

⦁ Once you have connected, you will see a green checkmark indicating your account has successfully linked along with a message telling you that the data is being loaded to the right.

⦁ Once the needed data has been successfully loaded (if it’s your first time connecting and you have a large library this may take several minutes) the message will change to “Sync Now”, which you may click on later if you wish the data to be updated immediately. Otherwise the data will automatically update every thirty minutes until you end the session.

⦁ If your data failed to load correctly you will be prompted with a small red dot and asked to login again. If the data is especially large it may take multiple tries before it is all loaded (All Sales Platforms have limits on how much data they will allow us to download per visit, but once that data is loaded into your dashboard it then only looks for new data).
Once you have successfully linked to all of the platforms you may close those tabs. There is no need to keep them open.

Next, lets visit the “General” settings tab. Its at the top of your page.

Here you will see a variety of options to choose from to customize your dashboard.

KNEP Rates are first and default to last months rate until adjusted on the 15th of every month. You can also choose an increase, a decrease, or set a custom rate of your own choosing.

Page Read/Full Read allows you to see how your page reads are displayed in your charts.
Dashboard type allows you to choose what Dashboard you wish ScribeCount to default to. We suggest you try them all before selecting a favorite.

There are 9 currency options to choose from with the default set to USD. We use a third-party service utilized by the banking industry to update our exchange rates daily. Our rates may not reflect the rates the various platforms use, but all rates will be adjusted at the end of each month to match.

Aggregator Reporting has two options. The “Individual Platform” setting treats an aggregator such as Draft2Digital as a single sales platform, or you can chose the “Merged” option and see sales made through D2D broken out into the platforms they were sold on through them. Changing this setting will change every chart in your dashboard accordingly.


Once you have successfully connected all of the sales platforms and selected your settings, you are ready to visit your dashboard. To do so, simply click on the Dashboard Icon in your sidebar and you are there.

There is more to do. Merging your books and selecting how they appear in your charts is done via the BookShelf page. Monitoring your Marketing is done though the Ad Tracking page, and making your charts and publishing schedule work together can be done though the Calendar feature. These pages are covered in other tutorials on our YouTube channel. More features and platforms are being added every month.

To learn more about ScribeCount and all the features it contains visit our webpage tutorials, or our YouTube Channel, where we have tours, demonstrations, and detailed classes, on how to get the most out of your dashboard and its tools.
Be sure to visit our blog every week for updates and news about coming features.

Got a question? Something not working? Have an idea on how to make ScribeCount even better?
Drop us a note with the Support Tab, there’s one in the lower right corner of every page.

Welcome to ScribeCount.

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