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The Sunburst Chart

When publishing to the ever-growing number of platforms available to independent authors, the task of tracking your sales and royalties can be a daunting one. ScribeCount takes the time needed to perform this task from hours down to seconds, and then allows you to see it all in one interactive graphic.

Our Sunburst Chart allows you to see your entire library in one interactive chart. The colors you see correspond to the platform logos as closely as possible with Amazon in yellow, Barnes and Noble in green, Kobo in red, and so on.

As you can see here in our sample chart, the inner ring is divided by platform, and the royalty numbers that correspond are over to the right.

You can see your numbers there, or just hover over the ring in the chart itself. The figures provided are in the currency you have selected in your General Settings page.

Each item in the three inner rings is interactive. If you wish to see only Amazon sales in your sunburst simply click on that section of the ring and the chart will adjust to show only Amazon.

To return simply click on the middle of the chart or use the reset button in the upper left corner.

You’ll notice that as you adjust your chart the numbers to the right adjust along with it with Platforms becoming Marketplace.

The second ring shows you what marketplace your books were sold in within that platform. You see here we have the United States, Australia, and Canada, among many others. To see how your library is selling in, for example, Canada, simply click on the Canada

You now have a graphic representation of your books selling in Canada through Amazon. To drill down even further you can now select a single book simply by clicking on it.

As you can see here you now have a graphic showing the sales data for just that book in that country on that platform. The outer ring displays the individual formats that book has sold in and those numbers are again displayed over to the right of the Sunburst chart.

So we’ve now gone from a view of your entire library of books, sold on every platform, to a single platform, to a single marketplace within that platform, and then to a single book in that platform marketplace, all in only four clicks.

Again, getting back to the beginning is even faster, just click that reset button in the upper left corner and your chart will return to its starting point, or you can reverse your selections by clicking the center of the chart.

The default date-range for this chart is Month-to-Date, but you can change that to a variety of choices using the Date-Range dropdown, or even input a custom range.

You can also customize your sunburst to display data from an aggregator such as D2D or Smashwords. Visit our video or text tutorial on Aggregator Settings to see that in action.

And that’s the ScribeCount sunburst graphic. A quick and easy way to see how your business is doing, what platforms are performing for you, or even how a single book is selling, all in just a few clicks.

To learn more about our other charts and features just visit our Tutorial Page or our YouTube channel.  To get in-depth advice on how to leverage our features look for the Education playlist where we offer demonstrations from industry experts on a variety of subjects. Ad Tracking, Scheduling, Payment Monitoring, Reviews and Ranks, there’s a lot to cover.

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