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The Dashboard


An Introduction to ScribeCount’s many features.

The volume of data available through your ScribeCount dashboard can be overwhelming at first. Not to worry, we have multiple tools and features to help you with it. Clear, easy to read graphics, and powerful filters were a top priority during ScribeCount’s construction, and that goal was achieved in our final product.

ScribeCount’s main feature is Sales Report Aggregation.

This means that we perform the time-consuming task of visiting each of your sales platforms and gather that information for you. We then consolidate that data into several easy-to-read charts, graphics, and spreadsheets that allow you to see your entire library of books in one place.

Our list of platforms is ever-growing but as of February of 2023 we service the following:



Barnes & Noble

Google Play






We also service additional services related to those platforms such as


Amazon Author Central

and Advertising Platforms such as

FaceBook and Amazon Ads

We’re adding new platforms and services monthly.

But let’s look at what we have to offer now.

Let’s start with our WIDE Dashboard.

While our dashboard defaults to a month-to-date setting, that can be changed to fit your reporting needs with a simple click of the mouse. You can use a preset date range or customize your charts down to the individual day.

Dashboard 2nd image

At ScribeCount every chart, graphic, and report can be customized for what you need to see. Filter by date-range, book, series, marketplace, and even pen names. Our tagging feature allows you to make your own filters and your data is accessible for as long as you have been publishing.

The charts at the top provide a variety of information at a glance, including your Amazon to Wide ratio,

Dashboard 3rd Image

KU vs Sales ratio,

Dashboard 4th Image

Free vs Paid ratio,

Dashboard 5th image

and your sales by format ratio.

Dashboard 6th Image

All of these charts can be flipped to show that data over time. Simply hover over the chart to see the date you wish.

Dashboard 7th Image

Our Historical Chart allows you to see your data over time in a variety of ways. Colors are chosen by you and represent individual books or even series. Hover over one and get the data related to each. You can select royalties, units, and free units in the toolbar. To highlight a single book on that chart just select it in the menu below.

To remove the book entirely simply click on its icon.

Below the Historical Chart we offer summaries by both Marketplace and Platform. Here you can see Royalties, Units, or Free Units under Platform,

or click to Marketplace and see that data by the location it was sold. Hover over each to drill down.

Below those charts we have the World Map.

Here you can hover over each country and see your accumulated sales in each. A great place to see where you are selling, and where you might wish to market more in the future.

For our Amazon Select authors we have a dashboard that is optimized just for you.

(All Dashboard options are available to every ScribeCount user. You can switch back and forth at will via a simple toggle button.)

This dashboard can be customized to present the data the way you wish to see it. You can set the KU rate, have your chart convert page-reads to sales automatically, and even compare sales to ranks by book, series, marketplace, or more.

Do you have your library fully in Kindle Select but sell Paperbacks, Hardcovers, and Audio on other platforms? ScribeCount combines that data in one place and then provides filters for easy customization.


Here you can see your bestselling titles, a historical chart showing sales, page-reads, and free titles all in one graphic, and a set of donut charts showing royalties by title, series, marketplace, or date-range. The Select Dashboard comes with the same spreadsheet as the Wide Dashboard and if you are selling print and Audio on wide platforms that data will be there.

What about Ranks?

We offer Rank tracking in a variety of formats including Rank vs Sales, Ranks by title, Ranks by Series, and an overall summary to keep things organized.

Our Ranks vs Sales chart can be customized to show the books and date ranges you wish to see.

Reviews are even easier. We collect your reviews from every platform and consolidate them into one page. You can filter by Platform, Most Recent, Most Positive, and Most Negative.

This only covers the basics of what ScribeCount has to offer. There are several additional features such as Ad Tracking from multiple platforms,

Price Tracking, where we alert you to any changes in the set price of your books


KU Status monitoring, where we monitor each books enrollment status and alert you to any changes:

Pre-order tracking,

a Calendar/Schedular,


and Payment Monitoring,

For the Excel people out there we have spreadsheets just for you, all of them come with several filter and color options and can be downloaded or printed with a single click.

(Your accountant will love you.)

To see all this and more just click on the 14 Day Free Trial button and take a look around, or visit one of our tutorials for a more in-depth look at a particular feature. They are all available here on our YouTube Channel.

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