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The Spreadsheet


Still prefer Spreadsheets?

We have a great one with multiple options to choose from.

Keeping it simple is hard with so much data, but we worked with some indie authors who also happen to be accountants to construct a spreadsheet that’s easy to use, understand, and customize.

“What’s the green for?”

The green color is our price-tracking feature. This was feature request from many indies to help them combat the annoying piracy problem. While we can’t detect piracy everywhere we can give you an indication that it’s happened. Amazon’s price-matching policy, and the spiders they have roaming the interwebs to spot it, usually detects piracy in the form of a reduced price. When the spider sees this they match that price at Amazon. ScribeCount monitors the prices of your books and if we see a change we let you know by turning that box red.

Let us show you a few examples. Here we have the Platform spreadsheet. The slide bar allows you to see the data by Royalty, Units, and even Ad Spend.

Other options are by Book,

Or Marketplace.

All of our Spreadsheets are available for download or printing via the export button.

Want to customize even further? We have options that allow you to change the columns,

Change the values

In every column, in every format.

If you have a large library we make it easy to find what you are looking for with the search function.

If you are new to spreadsheets you can check out our YouTube channel for a detailed tutorial on how they work, what data they have, and how best to make decisions from that data.

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