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IngramSpark is fixed

The Ingram data issue has been fixed.

You’ll see the following in the header of your dashboard:

“The Ingram data load problem has been rectified in our latest extension. Please update to version, to get the IngramSpark changes. After upgrading the extension, please disable and re-enable IngramSpark in the settings page to start a new data load. Please let us know if you continue to have problems.”

This issue was more complicated than we first thought and after exploring our options we opted for the total rewrite over the band-aid. Since it was Ingram we expected some bugs, but this one was like a dung beetle or something equally huge and ugly.

Anyway, it’s solved. On to the next.

Some related news:

Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble are doing a lot behind the scenes. B&N at least warned everyone, and despite doing two updates to accommodate the changes they made they are still tinkering. So we have decided to focus on issues we know we can fix and wait for B&N to finish before doing another update for them. Amazon is Amazon and we’ll just have to wait and see what changes they make before we can adjust to accommodate them.

These next few days are all about tickets and we’ll be working through the weekend to get as many issues solved as we can before Elizabeth and I head off to NINC on Tuesday. The crew will continue to answer tickets while we are gone, so please let us know if you have any problems. We’ve switched from development to maintenance this month and next so you can expect better response times from this point forward. I got a little too ambitious with the development schedule and I apologize for that, from now on we’ll make sure customer service doesn’t suffer as it has these last couple months.

I’ll have another announcement for everyone on Sunday. Watch this space!

Be writtin duh wurds,

Randall and Elizabeth

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