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Introduction: Randall


Let’s get to know the team!

First up: Randall Wood, author of the Jack Randall military thriller series.

Originally from Kalamazoo, Michigan, Randall joined the army right out of high school. He served with the 82nd Airborne, becoming a combat medic and serving mainly in Central and South America.

After leaving the military, Randall became a paramedic and continued his writing, which he had always done on the side. After assessing the publishing market, he decided to turn down a contract with TOR in 2009 and self-published his first novel, “Closure.” He moved to writing full time a year later, and now lives in Florida with his wife and their three children (and Henry, of course!).

ScribeCount was the result of far too much time spent on collecting and reviewing the data from Randall’s sales on multiple platforms. With different platforms measuring months differently, paying at different times, and reporting in different ways, the time it took to analyze results was ballooning.

He didn’t like that at all.

He started building ScribeCount in 2017, at which point the world threw several curveballs into the process, including that Randall’s house got destroyed not just once, but twice. Never one to back down, he collected a team of developers and launched ScribeCount in January 2021.

He is hoping for a slightly more low-key few years, but also has a mile-long list of book ideas and ScribeCount features.

Questions for Randall? Leave them here!

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