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KENP Rate.
This data is presented here so it is readily available for those who wish to explore which ads worked best for them in the past in relation to their Kindle Unlimited enrolled books. The charts provide the rate for every month going back to 2016.
The KENP rate changes monthly, and while the change is very small we provide it here so if you should  wish to apply the exact rate to whatever advertising you engaged in in the past. Keep in mind that the chart presents the currency that you have set in your ScribeCount Settings page. Example: The Amazon Japan KENP rate is expressed in US dollars and not Yen if that is what you have set your default currency to.
The average KENP rate over the lifetime of KU is .0045. Using this rate in your ROI reports, for any date range, will be accurate enough for most decisions.
Global Fund.
The Global Fund data is also provided. While this fund has grown at a steady and oddly predictable pattern for the lifetime of Kindle Unlimited it provides no data point that can be used to reach a Data-Driven-Decision related to marketing. Despite the steady growth of the fund the KENP rate has maintained its average.
For further information on how to leverage this report into good marketing decisions visit our YouTube page, or check out the industry masterminds linked to here.
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