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Launch FAQs


We are live and so happy you’re here!

Yesterday’s launch included reviews such as “AMAZEBALLS!” and “LOOK HOW SHINY!” which we adored, but also included a ton of great questions, so we thought we would sum those up here.


Do previous time periods get updated with KENPC rate, returns, etc? Absolutely! The ScribeCount browser extension pulls the most current data, so an update on the platform side will result in an update on our side. Things such as returns will show up automatically, and KENPC rates will show up retroactively after they’ve been announced for the month (you can adjust how rates show for the current month – the same as the most recently reported rate, a generous estimate, or a conservative estimate).

Will you offer annual subscriptions? At present, we do not have an annual subscription option. If this changes, we will make sure people are aware!

How does currency conversion work? You can set your own currency on your profile, and we will adjust the totals on the dashboard according to a daily conversion rate.

Can you sort by pen name? Absolutely. ScribeCount supports multiple pen names under the same account. You can see sales by pen name, by series, by tag, and more. Many of these options can be set on the Bookshelf page. (Have another metric you’d like to see? You can always send us a feature request at!)

Can you track multiple accounts per platform? Not currently, but this is in the works. We’ll let you all know as soon as it’s live!

What if some months I’m over a payment tier line, but other months I’m not? For billing purposes, our system only looks at the previous month. So, if one month you make $1500, but the next month you make $350, you won’t be charged at all for your month under the $500 tier line.

When ad spend is up and running, will I be able to add one-time spends like promotions, etc? Absolutely. Our ad spend will hook into our calendar feature, which we are amazingly excited to show off. All book expenses will be able to be tracked, and you will be able to do breakdowns of your marketing and advertising costs, much as you can currently with your sales!

Will I have to pay more in the future to track audio and paperback sales? NOPE. We’ll keep adding new platforms every week or two until we run out, and you will have access to all of them for the subscription fee.

I want to share my data with cowriters/ghostwriters/assistants. Can I? This is another thing we have in the pipeline, and we are super excited. Writing an anthology? Working with a ghostwriter? You’ll be able to split royalties that are earned under your platform accounts (if necessary) and send the specific data to your collaborators. This will lower reporting time on your end, and give everyone a clear idea of what they have made for the month.


Google Play: in the early morning of the 15th, we discovered a change in Google Play’s reports that impacted some users’ ability to see their sales on ScribeCount. These updates and changes are to be expected as each platform improves their own author portals. We are testing a fix, and will hope to deploy it soon!

D2D: yesterday, some authors reported trouble with D2D. Our development team is tracking the issue and we will update shortly!

Apple free books: There is an issue with how our system interprets the data from Apple, that is resulting in some users seeing free books where there should be none. We’re investigating, and will update as soon as it is fixed!

Safari: just as certain platforms pose a unique puzzle, so do certain web browsers! Safari is taking longer to get up and running than the other browsers, but we hope to have it fully operational within a few weeks.

Other issues or questions?

Feel free to comment here, or contact us at Thanks for making our launch weekend awesome!

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