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Findaway Voices is here!

The wait is over.

Findaway Voices has been added to the ScribeCount dashboard. This platform, along with Google Play, Kobo Audio, and (coming soon I swear) ACX, cover the majority of the Audio market. Since Findaway is an aggregator similar to D2D and Smashwords we have opted to make the reporting similar in every way possible.

You will need to update your Browser Extension to version

As you already know, you can view your data from DraftWords2Smash as a single merged platform, or broken out into the individual platforms they service. The same will be true of your Findaway data. Simply visit the General Settings page and make your selection under Aggregator Reporting.

A reminder, we can only report the data Findaway gives us, and that data must first come from the individual platforms that Findaway works with. Thus, your data will not update in “real-time” as the other platforms ScribeCount handles but will trickle in as the individual platforms send their sales data to Findaway. ScribeCount will check for updates on a yet-to-be-determined basis* and then update accordingly. As a result, your numbers may not immediately match the numbers at Findaway, but they will in short order.

*We’ll make calls to Findaway on a narrow but regular basis at first, but if we determine that the majority of those calls result in little to no additional information being added to the dashboard we’ll send them less often and avoid unnecessary server time. Once we have determined the best call-to-update ratio we will lock it in.

Findaway data will appear as “Audio” in the various charts and other graphics. You can see this in the outer ring of the sunburst chart,

Or, if you have selected to see the individual platforms broken out, it will appear like this:

The data is also in the format percentage chart as a percentage of your overall income (Note that we’ve added Kobo Plus here as well) :

and in the spreadsheets.

Keep in mind you will need to update your bookshelf to add the new books and format. We highly recommend using the tagging feature to make it easier to see your Audio books separate from your Electronic and Print titles.

A word about the process. Findaway does things a bit differently in regard to their access process. While other platforms utilize a simple Username/Password combination that results in a token to allow access to your account, Findaway embeds that token within a cookie. At ScribeCount we do not use cookies to retrieve your data, but with Findaway we have no options. The security of your data has not changed. This is a minor exception but we wish to be as upfront as possible with everyone when it comes to their data and how we retrieve it from the various platforms. The ScribeCount Privacy Policy has been updated to include this exception.

This new platform, like any other, will have some bugs. It will be in BETA status until we have them all ironed out. If you see an issue or have an idea on how to make this feature better please don’t hesitate to poke the Support Tab and let us know. We’ll do our best to get everything tuned in as fast as possible.

I’d like to give a big thanks to all the volunteers we had who allowed us to experiment on them (well, their data anyway). Without you this new platform would have been much harder to add. I’m sure your fellow authors appreciate you as much as we do.

And with that I give you Findaway Voices and its forty-plus platforms. Enjoy.


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