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Sell Through

A Sell-Through Report tells you the number of people who bought book one who then went on to buy books two, three, four and so on within a series. Cumulative Sell-Through refers to the number of readers who started the series and then read on to the end. Sell-Through and Cumulative Sell-Through are both measured in ROYALTIES and presented as a percentage.
*A Sell-Through report cannot be done unless you have created a series in the Bookshelf page AND placed the books within that series in their proper reading order. Instructions on how to do so can be found here.
The formulas for each calculation look like this:
Sell-Through = (Book sales  / Previous Book sales) X 100
Cumulative Sell-Through = (Current Book sales / First Book sales) X 100
The industry-wide standard for a good sell-through rate is 70%. The average sell-through rate typically falls between 40% and 80%, depending on your category/genre/marketplace/format/etc.
These reports provide valuable information about your series. Questions such as “Where do readers leave my series?” or “Where do I need to focus or adjust my advertising for this series?” can be quickly answered. Free-First-In-Series books are factored in with the calculation starting on book two. For measuring Sell-Through for Box-Sets it’s best to create them in a separate series.
To see how Sell-Through Reports work in conjunction with Return-On-Investment reports see the ROI Instructions.
For further information on how to leverage this report into good marketing decisions visit our YouTube page, or check out the industry masterminds linked to here.
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