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“Everything you need to engage with your readers, market your books, and sell directly, all in one package.”

All authors need a platform, and few things are better at accomplishing this than having your own author website. Your website is your collective presence on the internet. Its purpose is not only to entice new readers in, but to regularly engage with your existing ones. A high-quality website, one that’s designed to sell your books and sustain your career as a writer, is essential in today’s world of indie publishing. Only your mailing list can compete in importance.

If your goal is to have a top-notch author platform, one that connects to readers, sells your books in all formats, integrates with your email service and all of your social media platforms, builds your mailing list, and even moves the occasional T-shirt, ScribeCount Websites is here to help. Below you will find website packages to fit every author’s need. We’ve made every effort to include the items authors require without the things they don’t. Once completed you will have a website and store that will last for years to come.

If that sounds intriguing then drop us a note. We’re ready to get started on your new author platform.

WordPress is free to use and has thousands of plugins to help you leverage whatever features you wish your website to have.

ScribeCount has already searched for and found the best FREE plugins and applications to make your website both powerful and low-cost.

By using WordPress as a foundation your website can adapt and grow to the changing world of indie publishing. A WordPress-based website is simply the last website you will need to build.

Printful is a powerful merchandising store that indie authors can utilize to place their logo on just about anything, and then sell it alongside their books!

Bookmarks, stickers, tote bags, T-shirts, Hoodies, glassware, coasters, pens, mousepads, you name it and it’s probably available through Printful.

ScribeCount websites will not only set up your Printful store but we’ll help you stock it with ten items of your choosing. You’ll then be able to show off your logo everywhere you go.

Selling your books and merchandise directly to your readers is impossible without a quality store. ScribeCount offers you a choice of either WooCommerce or Shopify.

For those who don’t mind a little tech and want to save money, we recommend WooCommerce, which will have all the features you expect from a store without the monthly costs.

If you desire a store that is easy to run and low on needed computer skills we recommend Shopify. However, Shopify comes with a monthly fee. ScribeCount will work with you to build the store that’s right for you.

Email Marketing is a huge part of every successful indie author business.

To meet this need ScribeCount will integrate your existing email service fully into your new website. Newsletter signups can be attached to your store to provide seamless delivery of free books or any Printful items you wish to offer new subscribers.

“Contact Me” and “Support” email will also be integrated. With alerts sent to your email and phone you’ll never miss out on a message from a reader.

What’s all these great features without a way to tie it all together?

Every website comes with a full year of ScribeCount. All of your sales platforms, email marketing data, FaceBook and Amazon ad numbers, and your direct sales information will be compiled there in our interactive dashboard.

Not techy? No worries. ScribeCount will not only teach you to run your website, but we include tech support for three months after your new website goes live.

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