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Hello, Everyone! I’m Randall Wood, The Founder and CEO of ScribeCount.

I wasn’t always that of course. In my prior lives, I was a paratrooper, combat medic, bartender, student, teacher, and all-around entrepreneur. Throughout those prior lives I was also a writer. That started in junior high when I would pen stories with my friends as characters. Mom was my publisher and would print off copies at work for me to pass around the school. This hobby continued for a few decades until one fateful night at a fire station.

By this time I had progressed to writing full-length novels. I was also reading a lot of Tom Clancy. One night while editing at a fire station my partner and I got a call. That led to another call and then another and it was several hours before I returned to find my novel missing. An entire ream of paper was just gone. I went searching.

I don’t know if you have ever seen the inside of a fire station but most have a day room occupied by a TV and several recliners. This is where I found my novel. It was being read and passed down the row one page at a time by a dozen firefighters. I protested. It was not edited! I was an amateur!! It was just for fun!!!

My protests fell on deaf ears. They were all too deep into the story. I was basically told I could have it back when they were done. Since it was 12 to 1 I went back to my room and sulked. Later that night the Chief found me. He handed me back my manuscript along with a few words.“You need to send this in and get it published.”“Naw, it’s just for fun.”“Yeah, well, I’m not sure if you noticed, but the TV hasn’t been on all day today. You know how long it’s been since that happened?”

After giving that some thought, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try. I found fifty agents and publishers to query and then did so. I figured fifty was enough, and if nobody was interested then the hobby would remain a hobby. 

Forty-five rejections later I got an email from an editor. She wanted to see the full manuscript. Whatever. I sent it off without much thought and went back to work. A week later I got another email. It popped up on my phone while my then-girlfriend and I watched a movie. I mentioned it to her and then said I’d check it later. Later turned out to be the next morning at breakfast when she reminded me. I didn’t recognize the woman’s name and had to Google her.

She wasn’t just an editor, she was a vice president with a Big-6 publishing company, and she wanted to talk about publishing by book!? The rest of my breakfast went uneaten. After reading that email a few hundred times I cautiously started the conversation. I say cautiously because this was 2007. The Kindle had just launched, KDP was brand new, and after sending in all those query letters I’d been reading some things. I had discovered Joe Konrath and read every word of his blog. I now knew about vanity presses and boilerplate contracts. I knew about advances. I knew the shelf life of a new release. I knew about Ingram. I knew about distribution and wholesale discounts and the numbers attached to them all.  I knew the odds of making it were slim to none. But I heard her out and I weighed my options.

In the end, I chose to self-publish, and it’s been one of the best decisions of my life. In less than a year I was making more in one month than I had in the previous year as a flight medic. With my new wife’s blessing, I quit my job and became a full-time writer. That was many BookBubs ago. I now write under my real name and a pen name and after a decade of work am still at it full-time. With dozens of books under my belt, it’s safe to say that I am fully entrenched in the world of indie publishing. But one thing always bothered me. I’m a data guy. I don’t just want to know how much money I earned but how that money was earned. Every time another sales platform became available I celebrated, but that meant more time spent checking that data. Pretty soon this data checking was taking up a large part of my day. There had to be a better way. And that’s when the idea of ScribeCount was born.

So What is ScribeCount?

I simply wanted a way to see all my sales numbers without having to visit multiple platforms. I was tired of Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables and the endless number crunching. It was seriously cutting into my writing time. Couldn’t some computer code do all that for me?

With ScribeCount that time was whittled down to a few minutes. Once I shared my creation with my fellow writers the requests started pouring in. Can you build this? How about that? So from tracking sales we moved on to include ad performance, email data, direct sales numbers, and the analytics needed to make it all make sense. Now ScribeCount does all that and more.

We’ve recently added Website Creation to our list of services and more features are constantly appearing on the production to-do list. With the world of indie publishing always developing ScribeCount is determined to grow with it. It’s become something I enjoy as much as I do writing great books.

My wife and I now divide our time between homes on the Gulf of Mexico and in the mountains of western North Carolina. The kids have all grown and fled. They’ve been replaced by a pair of cats and a ginormous dog named Henry. I spend my days penning new stories for my readers and building new features for ScribeCount. I have friends all over the world and I absolutely love what I do.

I write this here so you know how I am and how ScribeCount came to be. In today’s world of chatbots and artificial intelligence, I thought it was important for you to know the real person behind the service ScribeCount provides.

So, if you’re an indie author who is looking to make some good data-driven decisions about your career, or a new author just starting out, ScribeCount is the place for you. Self-Publishing can change your life. It certainly did mine.

We’d love to have you join us,

Randall Wood

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