How it works

How it works

We start with two easy questions:
  1. Pick a Template
  2. Pick a Store

You don’t need to be a software developer to get a quality website. Here at ScribeCount we have years of experience in the world of Indie Publishing and will guide you through the process step-by-step until it has every feature you want or need. Then, we’ll show you how to make it all work.

You will have a choice of several templates. Examples are provided here.

Once #portfolio/website-development/how-it-works/you have selected the template you prefer, it’s time to pick a store. We offer the choice of WooCommerce or Shopify. Both stores have their strengths and weaknesses, and we’ll be happy to discuss those if you have trouble deciding.

Once you have chosen a template and store it’s time to discuss any add-ons you wish to include. To help with this you will receive a worksheet to fill out. This worksheet will walk you through the necessary content needed to construct your website and store. Items such as author photos, cover art (ebook only, we will produce other formats for you), blurbs, reviews, blog content, and any other imagery you wish to include, credentials needed to integrate the various services required, and your preferences for color and tone, will all go into this worksheet.

Once that worksheet is completed we send it off to the developers who will then construct your website, integrate all the related services and platforms, produce your logo and signatures, create cover art images for all the formats you sell, and stock your store with the items you prefer.  We’ll then generate files for bookmarks, sell sheets, business cards, and letterhead, all containing your new QR code that links back to your new website. We’ll also include a Branding Document that contains all the fonts, color codes, and themes used to construct your website to aid you in the production of branded ads and other promotional items you might need in the future.

We then link your store to your ScribeCount dashboard so that all of your direct sales and other data appear there with your other data. Once this process is complete you will have a fully functional website and store capable of promoting you and your books, signing up readers for your newsletter, blogging, and of course, selling your books, swag, and other items directly to your readers in every format.

What’s NOT included?


Hosting is something many people have already, and if that is the case, ScribeCount Websites will utilize your existing hosting service for your new website/store. If you wish to start from scratch, ScribeCount Websites will establish hosting for you via SiteGround, which has a stellar record along with reasonable prices.


Each author is unique, and the keywords that work best for them are as well. Providing those keywords takes some research and a bit of personal knowledge related to your books and fanbase. We request that you provide at least 10 keywords to help your website build traffic. We can help you with this, but due to the time it takes, it will be an additional charge.


Much like hosting, every author has their own established and preferred email service. We will work with you to integrate that service into your website and store for Author Contact, Newsletter sign-ups, and other integrations.

Extended Support

We understand that every author has a different level of technical expertise. To get you familiar with your new website and store, we include three months of tech support. This, along with a series of videos showing you how to update and maintain your new website, is free of charge. Any in-depth support needs will be provided beyond the three-month period at a reasonable hourly rate, or you can enroll in our extended support program at $X per month.