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Welcome to our Website Monthly Maintenance Service, where we keep your digital storefront shining bright, 24/7. With our dedicated team of experts, your website will remain polished, secure, and primed for success. From routine updates to vigilant security checks, we’ve got you covered.

Trust us to safeguard your online presence while you focus on growing your business. Say goodbye to worries and hello to seamless performance with our Monthly Maintenance Service

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WordPress and WooCommerce:

Both of these are free, they only require a hosting service to make them run, therefore your website and store will also be close to free. ScribeCount has researched and found the best free plugins and apps to make your website perform at both a high speed and performance level. It will contain every funnel and widget needed to promote you and your books while making the buying process as frictionless as possible. Other than transaction fees attached by the various payment portals there will be no monthly charges going forward outside of hosting fees.


A quality website and store via Shopify, one that is equal to the WooCommerce option, comes with a monthly fee. Should you opt for a Shopify store the monthly cost will be determined by the various options you have chosen. ScribeCount Websites will work with you to build the optimum website and store to fit your budget.

Backup is provided via a WordPress Application free of charge.

Yes, within reason.

WordPress and WooCommerce are both powerful platforms and due to their versatility it would takes years to cover all their capabilities. We will however help you do the basics such as changing a photo, adding a blog post, or updating your work-in-progress portal. You’ll also have access to our video tutorials and several helpful WordPress and Shopify gurus via YouTube. We’ll also provide links to authors that will teach how to best leverage your website and store and get the return from it you want.

Shopify is more user-friendly and most authors can maintain them following a learning curve period. ScribeCount will offer instructional videos and links to aid you in that process should you select to go with Shopify.

We’ll help with that free of charge.

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