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Numbers From Your Words ​

All of Your Data in One Convenient Place
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See Your Sales Directly From the Following Platforms

Data uploaded automatically, no passwords required

Reach Even More Platforms Through Draft 2 Digital

SmashWords Included!

E-commerce stores and Delivery services

ScribeCount integrates with several e-commerce stores and delivery services to help you keep track of all your direct sales efforts.

Track Your Email Marketing With Your Choice Of Provider

All on one integrated dashboard

Track Your Marketing Efforts via the Following Services

All on one integrated dashboard

Automated Analytics

Generate Sell-Through, Read-Through, and Return on Investment reports for Books, Series, and Ads with five easy clicks.

Amazing Graphics

Simple, easy to understand graphics. The data you need with all the filters to go with it.
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Our interactive Sunburst Chart lets you see your entire library in one place. Click on the rings and watch it drill down to a single book on a single platform.
Aggregators such as Draft2Digital can be shown as one platform, or broken out into their many sub-platforms. It’s all there with a click of a button.
Your data, your way.
Every chart is customized for what you need to see. Filter by date-range, book, series, marketplace, and even pen names. Our tagging feature allows you to make your own filters and your data is accessible for as long as you have been publishing.
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Spend Less Time Crunching Numbers and More Time Writing.

ScribeCount reduces the tasks of tracking sales, ad performance, and record keeping, from hours down to minutes. That’s more time to spend on the next book. With every chart available as a downloadable spreadsheet, your accountant will love it too.

A page for every author need

If the data is available at the platform, its available at ScribeCount. We leave nothing out. See your sales across the globe, or drill down to a single marketplace. Its all there at your fingertips.

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Keep track of platforms and markets by percentage of total sales, ensuring that you have a well-rounded business.

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